The Raw Robots are created by Casper Høg in the factory that consist of the close collaboration between his amazing drawing skills and complex creative brain farts! 🤖

Raw Robots started as an art project based on the art rule "if you want to understand a subject matter, draw it a 100 times!". So setting out to do 100 unique robot designs and combining them with a passion for T-Shirts, Raw Robots has grown into a way of life and a growing IP! 🔧 🔩

The factory has been trying to fill the endless demand on better, more original and funnier robot designs. Which it has achieved and will continue to achieve until robot design Nr. 100 is produced. When in the near future that number is reached, is hard to say! But until that day we can enjoy the journey and look forward to future productions of robot products. ⚙️


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